Food only

Had an interesting discussion with another person the other day. Their plan was to store food – no weapons. They believe that food would be a valuable commodity and they would be able to barter for protection. What do you think of this thought process?

Seasonal changes

Do you have seasonal changes factored into your plan?


What was the last class you went to concerning emergency preparedness?


Your physical fitness will count during an emergency.  Are you maintaining a physical fitness program?


The US is experiencing record high temperatures.  What are your plans to stay cool?


In some situations money may not be the way to achieve your needs.  What supplies do you have in your cache for bartering with?

Active Shooter

Here is a  video on Avoid Deny Defend.



Summer time is here.   Do you have enough sunscreen in your supplies?

What kind of sunscreen do you prefer?


Do you have a coffee pot that you can use without electricity in your supplies?

Phone numbers

Communications during an emergency is important.  During an emergency contacting people is a vital action. However, everyone wants to contact someone.  Generally the phone lines will be tied up for a period of time, especially cell phones.

Is your list of phone numbers current?  Have you written down the most important numbers in case your electronic device fails?  Have you identified which numbers are cell phones and which ones are land lines? And do you have an alternate plan for contacting people?

When the moment of truth arrives, the time for prior planning has passed. Is there a plan?