Mitigate your house

During some type of emergencies and disasters things in your house can become dangerous.  Doing simple things may make your house safer to be in during these events.  Here is a list of several things you can do.

Secure your water heater to the wall.

Secure you furnace to the wall.

Move big furniture pieces away from doors, and consider putting small straps on them (attached to the floor).

Law enforcement support

Recently there has been a number of law enforcement line of duty deaths and injuries.  I would just like to thank each officer, and let them know I support them.


Flood Plans

Many portions of the US received snow and rain this year that exceeded the normal amounts.  In the coming months the temperatures will begin to warm up.  In some places we may begin to see flooding.  With this in mind: 1) Do you have a plan to move out of the flood area? 2) Do you have a plan to keep your paperwork and supplies dry?


Many of us have pets that are part of our family.  If you have pets you should plan for their needs during an emergency or disaster.  Do you have pet supplies in your supply cache?


Recently there has been a number of cold fronts in the US. Even in areas that do not usually get cold weather. I am a fan of hand warmers / toe warmers / and body warmers. Having a supply available in your cache would be a good idea.


New Years Resolution

One of your New Years resolutions should be to update your emergency plan.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas gifts

It’s that time of year to spread some cheer with gifts. Remember to record any significant gifts with receipts or pictures, and put the paperwork in your safe place. This documentation could come in handy during an emergency or disaster.

Telephone list

Do you have a current telephone list of important numbers? Do you have some of those numbers on paper in case your cell phone quits working?


During an emergency or disaster garbage collection may be delayed. Have you planned on what to do with your garbage? Do you know what you can reuse or repurpose?

When the moment of truth arrives, the time for prior planning has passed. Is there a plan?