A little at a time.

I was watching TV last night and saw a show on a family that had purchased a large amount of supplies based on someone else’s prophecy of an earthquake.  Trying to get prepared at the last moment is not the best idea.

I suggest using an approach that is well thought out and do it over time.  Get a little bit here and a bit there and build your supplies up gradually – not as a reaction.  This approach will also help when it comes to rotating stock with expiration dates.

Now I need to go check on some expiration dates.

Spare necessities

Today was eye glasses appointments.

I realized I do not have a spare set of glasses. Do you have a spare set? Do you have spares of other necessary medical equipment that you need?


Where is your plan? Is it current?

Your Mental Attitude

There are a number of new stories going around about the events occurring in Baltimore.  I am not in favor of the riots or the effects they are having on the city.  I am also no very impressed with the city management.  But if we look at some root causes attitudes are pretty high on the list.

Attitude can make you or break you.  There are numerous quotes from very famous people from many different eras that define how attitudes can affect your life.  That being said attitude must be important.

Attitudes during emergency events can have a big effect on how things are handled.  I suggest developing an attitude of “I will survive”.  By having this type of attitude you will mentally be ready to take actions that will help you make it.