Avoiding the Crowd

Crowds have different dynamics.  A number of studies have been done on crowds, and how individuals act in those crowds.

The results are rather surprising.  Many studies point towards individuals behaving in abnormal patterns while involved in a crowd.  It seems that if enough people are around then we lose our individuality and become part of the crowd.  During a time of stress, and in a crowd, many people will behave at a lower morale and ethical standard.

Having a plan that gives you the means to avoid crowds could save you from being “in the wrong spot at the wrong time”.

Follow the Crowd

Last weekend I was involved in a fun run with my wife.  The venue had a design flaw in it.  The crowd at one point had to cross over a small footbridge.  Needles to say this caused a foot traffic jam.

I have my own ideas on why this jam occurred.  Please allow me some latitude while I explain.  Our society today is very interdependent – no one person can really produce what they generally need to survive.  With interdependence as a basis for our society we all need to cooperate. However, many people today believe they are entitled to “go to the front of the line” because of “______” (fill in the blank).  This entitlement attitude is what breaks down cooperation, and ultimately will cause huge issues in an interdependent society.

So why do I mention all this here?  Well ladies and gentleman what do you think is going to happen when “IT” happens?  The same type of human behavior will occur during an emergency (in fact it may be more pronounced).

With this “crowd mentality” in mind, have you made plans that account for this?  I suggest your personal plans should include being prepared enough to avoid the crowds for the most part.

However, if you are the planner for an organization that is expected to provide essential  functions you have to be prepared for this type of behavior.  Give me a call and we can talk about how to plan for the crossing of the bridge..


FEMA has some great FREE training.  The best part of this training is that many subjects and courses can be used in regular day to day business activities.  Take a look at:


Take care of your equipment

Today I am having my windshield replaced because it has a crack in it.  To be honest it has taken me a little bit of time to do this.

That brings me to a good point, it is very important to take care of any equipment that you may need in an emergency.  Equipment and supplies can, and do, get old or worn out.  You need to keep equipment and supplies updated and in good working order.  This also includes the plan that you have made.

Today I challenge you to look and see if there is some work you can do to update or maintain the equipment and supplies you have.