Each person should have an ample supply of cash on hand for an emergency.

Test your plan.

When was the last time you tested the plan you have?

Testing the plan you have, is a very important part of emergency planning.  When you test the plan, you will generally find that there are a few flaws.  By finding these during a test allows you to “fix” the problems associated with the plan flaw before a real emergency.

So take out your plan and see if it all works today.

School is starting

In the last couple of days I have seen numerous posts on social media about school being in session.  My kids are looking forward to school and having a social life again.

With this change I would encourage my readers to take a few minutes to review your plan for reunification with your kids.  Make sure the plan is current and will still work this school year.

If there have been any changes make sure the plan reflects them.



Being ready(IE prepared)  makes seizing the opportunities that will eventually present themselves a whole lot easier.