Work Around

I recently had an accident happen that limited the  use of my finger.  It got me thinking about ways we work around things that happen, even in daily life.  In this case I have utilized other fingers.

How do you work around minor incidents that happen?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

Cool Gadgets

Last week  I had the opportunity to take a class with a number of other people.  Many of the people in the class were in the field of “preparedness”.

Several of my class mates had some really cool gadgets (pieces of equipment).  Many of these gadgets served their needs on a daily basis.  In addition some of these gadgets would be extremely helpful in a situation that would require some “out of the box” solutions.

Look at what you carry around with you today. Is there anything else that may be helpful? If so take a look at some of our sponsors to see if they have that item.

Practice is good

Practice is a good way to test your plan.  Most people think practice has to be a task not to be enjoyed. However, this is not the case.

I recently spent a week in elk camp testing my plan.  I had the opportunity to get out most of my equipment and made sure it was in good working order.  In addition I was able to learn of a piece of equipment that would be very helpful to put in my gear stash.

Practice can be fun if you make it fun.

Rule of 3

I have recently run across some information concerning the rule of 3.  Here is the basics –

  • You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water
  • You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a harsh environment (unless in icy water)
  • You can survive for 3 Days without water (if sheltered from a harsh environment)
  • You can survive for 3 Weeks without food (if you have water and shelter)

Food for thought.