Important Papers

I was watching the news this morning and saw that there are manditory evacuation order in the midwest.  The flooding there is forcing people out of their homes.

This brings up an important point in emergency planning.  Have your supplies and paperwork in a mobile state.  You should have a small supply cache that is able to be quickyly loaded into a vehicle.  These supplies should be at least 3 days worth of needed items. The Ready Store has a wide slection of items you could use for a mobile supply cache.

You should also have all of your important paperwork in one place.  A zipper type binder is a great idea for this purpose.


Merry Christmas.  May your holiday season be filled with joy.

Car Bag

Recently a winter storm moved into my area.  The storm caused my wife and I to have to go to plan B for the night.

I have a small bag of spare clothes and misc personal care items in my car.

It is a good idea to keep a small bag of gear in your car in case you have to go to plan B.


Last night in my neighborhood the a water main broke.  Our neighborhood was without water for most of the evening while the city fixed t.  Fortunately we have water back this morning.

During the incident we needed to use some water.  In this case not a lot.  We were able to get into our immediate water supply and use some.  Our immediate supply consists of several cases of bottled water.

For your water supply your should have an immediate supply and some long term storage.  I suggest a couple of cases of bottled water for immediate use and short term incidents.  I  also suggest several water barrels for long term storage and use when an incident is going to be ongoing for a while.