Floods and fires

Across the news is the images of flood devastation. In Montana there are still fires burning. Needless to say there are a number of emergencies that can happen.

Part of the planning process should include addressing events that are likely to happen in your area. However, the basic plan should be broad enough to cover all kinds of emergencies. We may not know what kind of event may happen – but we can plan for some things to occur when it does.

Here are some things that you should plan for (note this list is just a number of suggestions): Water shortages, Electrical outages, Communications failures, and a general Lack of essential resources. You should also plan for alternate means of travelling.

Look at your plans and see what you have. Then listen to the victims of these recent events and learn what type of problems they were/are facing. Adjust your plan to cover for those types of obstacles. Then send a donation of some sort to a relief agency that is helping those victims.


Boredom can be part of an emergency. If you are waiting for other things to happen you may become very bored. Do you have a plan to overcome boredom?

Surprising use of your dish washer.

Saw a trick on Facebook today. Put valuables in your dishwasher during flooding – Its water proof and has some structural integrity to it.