Winter Travel

Travelling during the winter can be fun.  Many times storms will close down travel for hours or days.

I was caught in a storm tonight that close down travel.  I was fortunate and was able to get a hotel room.  However, there are many people stuck without rooms.

Having a plan about how to handle this type of situation is a good idea.  It may mean the difference between and nice warm bed or the back seat of a car.

Financial emergencies.

Does your plan have a section that applies to financial emergencies?

No one wants to think that they would let themselves be financial unstable.  However, the markets could potentially do it for you.  What would you do if; tomorrow you woke up and the USDollar was worth half of its worth from the day before.

It would be a good idea to have an idea, and plan, for dealing with this type of an event.

Define an emergency

An emergency varies from person to person.  A disaster generally will create emergencies for a large number of people.

The first part of emergency planning is defining what an emergency is for you.  By coming up with a list of emergencies, you will be able to start planning for these events.

Disaster should also be part of the plan.  However,  plan for disasters that are likely to occur where you live.

Winter is coming

Winter is not far away – thankfully.  Are you ready?

Winter can present a great number of conditions that could lead to an emergency.  Have you made provisions for these?

Know your community plans

Do you know your community’s operations plan for emergencies?  If not , you should.

If you are planning on the local / state / national government entities to restore services to you after an emergency you should inquire about the plan for making it happen.

Where to find information.

There are many resources for preparedness information.  One place to start is

Where else have you found information?  If you have found other places that would be helpful leave a website or link in the comments.

Can you go 3 weeks?

I was recently in a class and one of the other students made some shocking statements.  He was part of an exercise in a metro city. The exercise was designed to test the what would happen if the electricity  went down.

Long story – short, if a sub station went down it could be weeks before the electricity was back on.  Apparently conductors are now being made over seas.  Due to this the time to get a new one is 3 – 4 weeks.

Can you survive 3 weeks without electricity?



Recently there has been an increase in the reporting of earthquakes.  What is your plan once the shaking stops?

Burn care

The weather has recently changed – looks like spring is here.  That being said there is a good chance of getting a sun burn.  Many people get them this time of the year because they do not realize that even in temperatures of 60 – 70 degrees the sun will still burn you.

The first thing to do for a burn is to get out of the sun (even better is to use a sun screen before going out).  After a burn has happened you can use a number of ointments – I suggest one with aloe vera.


I recently changed jobs.  With these changes I need to update the information on my personal and family plan.

Even simple little things like changing a job can have some impact on emergency planning.  So when there is a change in your life – please take some time to look at your plan and make sure it is up to date.


When the moment of truth arrives, the time for prior planning has passed. Is there a plan?